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Your Video

Using HypeSaaS videos, you can show your charisma, present video testimonials from your customers or explain how something works on a particular page.

Choose 'Call To Action' And Customise Look

Our software offers 5 'Call To Action' buttons suitable for any type of business. You can also edit the colour, shape and position of your video widget.

Install To Your Website Using Our Simple Tutorials!

Using our tutorials, you can install HypeSaaS to your website with no coding in minutes. HypeSaaS works with almost every website builder on the market!

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8x More Watched Than A Normal Website Video!

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  • Boost Sales & Leads By 300%

  • Unique Widgets For Every Page

  • Simple & Clear 'Call To Action'

  • Detailed Analytics & Tracking

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"You Are Crazy Not To Use HypeSaaS"

"My first month after adding HypeSaaS, I had 308 visits to my website and from that, I received 105 new appointments. My conversion rate went from 10%, to over 30% and my business literally tripled by adding HypeSaaS!"

Sibel Oxha
3.1x More Bookings

"HypeSaaS is an essential for anyone doing eCommerce. I've seen it almost double my online store's conversion rate first-hand. When running ads, you must maximise your conversions and this is the easiest way."

Andrew Hristo
e-Commerce Owner
1.8x Online Sales

"Being in a service-based industry, relationships are everything. Whether you're an agent, a lawyer, a trades person or a doctor, HypeSaaS is the best way to engage with website visitors and get them to choose you."

Chris Koulloupas
Realestate Agent
2.5x Appointments

"We’ve been using HypeSaaS for over a month now and it's skyrocketed our conversions. We've had a huge increase in customers contacting us through the video widget that we were able to close very easily."

Moey Assad
Tech Entrepreneur
1.5x App Downloads

"HypeSaaS is an amazing widget which delivered much better results than expected. Conversions instantly improved and we have now helped more clients than we ever thought we could. Big thank you to the team!"

Chris Karkanis
Published Author
1.8x More Leads

"HypeSaaS videos load quickly, convert well and people actually watch them. Often, website visitors don't want to read lots of content or scroll through your website. This widget gets straight to the point and boosts sales."

Eric Peng
Creative Agency Owner
1.6x More Inquiries

"HypeSaas is the real deal! If you run a business which converts sales or leads online, the developers at HypeSaaS have made it easier than ever to gain the competitive edge and increase your results!"

Dami Okedara
Digital Agency Owner
1.4x Client Results

"Making students feel comfortable with the tutors we have available is crucial. Using HypeSaaS our tutors were able to showcase their charisma to webpage visitors through video widgets which made our bookings skyrocket."

Zack Paloukas
Tutoring Company Owner
2.8x More Students

"I only started developing my own ecommerce stores recently and using the widget on my website has helped get my sales off the ground. A few of my customers even emailed me asking how I installed the widget."

Emily Coslovich
ecommerce Entrepreneur
2.4x More DIY Sales

"It’s been able to increase conversions on multiple of my e-commerce stores since I started testing. The team behind this project have got a winner with this app. Game changing for anyone with a website."

Eli Dangerfield
ecommerce Entrepreneur
1.7x More Watch Sales

Make Your Website A Sales Machine!

Use a different video for every page

Each page may require its own unique video tutorial, testimonial or call to action.

Choose From 5 Call To Action Buttons

URL link, email, book appointment, call number and social media links.

Easy To Setup & Fully Customisable

Edit colour, shape, text and position of video widgets to match your brand or page.

Integrates With Your Google Calendar

Simply connect your Calendly account and take bookings directly via HypeSaaS.

No Coding Experience Required

With our easy tutorials, anyone can use and install HypeSaaS onto their website.

Works With Popular Website Builders

HypeSaaS integrates easily with most popular website builders using our simple tutorials.


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Increase Sales & Leads By Up To 300%
Live Analytics & Real-Time Conversion Tracking
Fully Customise Your Widget Text, Shape & Colour
5 'Call To Action' Options Available For Any Website
Store Up To 10 Videos And Place On Different Pages
Show Off Your Charisma, Testimonials & Products
Solidify Your Brand & Establish User Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customise The Look Of My Widget?

Yes, using the HypeSaaS software, you can edit the colour, shape and position of your video widget. You may also change the button and widget text to boost conversions.

is hypeSaaS Compatible with my provider?

HypeSaaS is compatible with almost every website builder. You can watch our tutorial videos for help integrating with your website provider.

what Video requirements are there?

Videos have to be under 1 minute long and are presented in a portrait format. We recommend using the dimensions of your phone as reference.

how many videos can i upload?

Every page on your website may require a different video. HypeSaaS allows you to store up to 10 videos and display them on up to 10 different pages on your website! You can view all your videos through your HypeSaaS dashboard.

How Much Will My Sales Increase?

It depends on the quality of your HypeSaaS video and call to action. We've seen certain customers double or triple their sales using HypeSaaS. This is possible when the software is used properly.

Which Call To Actions Are Available?

Our software offers 5 'Call To Action' possibilities, including: any URL link, send email, book calendar appointment, call phone number and social media links.

HypeSaaS links directly to your Google Calendar so clients can set appointments with you through the HypeSaaS widget and have them automatically appear on your calendar.

Can I use This with my e-commerce store?

Yes! HypeSaaS integrates easily with Shopify, WooCommerce and other popular eCommerce websites. It was developed to help eCommerce stores increase their conversions, support systems and increase trust with customers.

can i cancel at anytime?

Yes! You can cancel anytime by logging into your dashboard and locating your settings page.

is hypeSaaS difficult to install?

HypeSaaS can typically be installed by anyone without any coding experience in just a few minutes. It was designed for easy installation particularly with our tutorial videos.

If you have any issues installing HypeSaaS, contact our technical support team for a quick response.


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